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Medical Space Planners Services

•Develop a list of facility requirements - a list of needs, priorities and goals.
•Functions of the spaces, the staff and all the equipment.
•Review governmental requirements or restrictions (ie. State Fire Marshal for Ambulatory Surgery Centers).
•Review and agency facility requirements for billing or reimbursements.
•Develop a list of any requirements of local governmental agencies including the local building and planning departments. Typically parking, fire sprinklers, etc.
•Develop a preliminary schedule and budget.

•Obtain or develop accurate plans of the site and existing facilities

•The basic space plan noted on our home page requires that we receive from you an accurate plan of the space you are to occupy. If this is a new ground up facility we need a site plan and the local setbacks required by your local planning department.
•Our basic space plans include a layout based on the programming information you provide.
•If there is a minor change required or requested we will include one of these at no additional cost.
•Should you require additional changes or there are changes required due to new program information then all changes will be done on an hourly basis.

•Finishes for floors, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, fixtures, etc.
•Tile, stone, wood, sinks, faucets, custom work.
•Lighting Design
•Furnishings and accessories.

•Develop a complete set of construction drawings sufficient to build the facility.
•Governmental requirements and ADA details.
•Construction details and plans.
•Electrical and lighting plans
•Finishes and furniture plans.
•Custom cabinetry elevations and details
•These can start at less than $1/square foot and go up from there depending on the project goals.
•Any required engineering should be hired separately or we can provide it through our firm at an additional charge.
•California requires a minimum of an energy summary often noted as a "Title 24" calculation and form.
•Some municipalities require specific Mechanical, Electrical and/or Plumbing Engineering.
•New structures typically require a Structural Engineer.

•Act as agent in submitting plans and obtaining required governmental approvals
•Governmental required changes to the Medical Space Planner drawings are done without charge.

•Develop bidding packages for final construction bids.
•Develop a list of contractors, qualify the contractors and issue the bid packages.
•Walk the project with the contractors, answer questions and issue addenda.
•Receive the bid quotes and perform a breakdown analysis of the quotes to qualify them and compare them for exclusions, allowances and qualifications.
•Review items not included in general contractors quote but that should be budgeted.
•Obtain vendors and confirm scope of work for items not covered by the general contractor.

•After the award of the contract monitor the construction work.
•Perform periodic inspections and attend site meetings.
•Deal with any questions or requirements from the contractors, vendors, and governmental authorities.
•Coordinate work and vendors not under control of the general contractor.
•At the end of construction compile a job punch list and confirm that the contractor has completed all of required work.
•Confirm all sign offs for work completion
•Coordinate other start up services

•Surgery Centers (general, Internal Medicine, plastic surgery)
•General Practices and off site offices for specialists
•Internal Medicine
•Radiology, & Nuclear Medicine (and related specialty diagnostic & treatment centers)
•Dental and related specialties
•Wellness Centers
•Psychiatry (and various specialties)
•Physical Therapy
•Pain Management

So planning a new office, figuring out and drafting up a small change to your current space, or helping improve the flow of your current space we can help.

We've done small doctor's offices, large clinics, hospital departments, diagnostic centers, treatment centers, and many other types of facilities. We can help with remodeling, interior improvements or whole ground up new buildings.